The best phone for Vlogging is a combination of solid 4K video and good sound/audio capability. In the start of 2020 I’d give the Samsung S9 a 7,0 out of 10 for Vlogging. Video quality of the back camera in 4K is excellent with rich colors and good dynamic range, but the front facing camera…Continue Reading “Samsung S9 Video test 4K Back Camera and AUDIO – Vloggers Delight”

Please help me decide? What should it be?? Help me with this troublesome question. Comment on YouTube! —————————- Visit Us ————————- Please hook up to yourtechfriend via: Youtube Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Homepage: Patreon: (support with donations) Video shot with Huawei P30 and Samsung A80 Audio by the same phone….Continue Reading “Samsung A40 – UNBOXED by a Car OR do a GIVEAWAY?”

– that every Youtube Reviewer forgets to mention! You may have a lot of considerations before buying a new smarthphone, but many forget to find out the most important one for themselves. This video explains what you absolutely should make sure of before buying a new smarthphone! What should I consider before buying a new…Continue Reading “The single most important thing you should make sure of before buying a new smartphone”

Available in “Power” stores, Scandinavia. Don’t know for the rest of the world? More than 150 mini games in 8-bit retro style. Great fun and value for money 😀 —————————- Visit Us ————————- Please hook up to yourtechfriend via: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Patreon: (support with donations) Video shot with…Continue Reading “Retro Pocket Games “150 8-bit” games review”

In this video you’ll see a complete useability focused review made in 2019 of the NOKIA 7 Plus. The phone will be given a Your Tech Friend score. Are Nokia showing Phoenix skills in 2019? Is Nokia back and to be reconned with on the smartphone scene? This video includes a giveaway! 🙂 GIVEAWAY RULES:…Continue Reading “NOKIA 7 Plus 2019 Review – Nokia showing Phoenix skills + GIVEAWAY!”

Greta Thunbergs biggest history oversight + camera comparison of the Samsung S9, Huawei P30 and Nokia 7 plus. (All on their highest video settings) The video also contains various murals of Greta Thunberg. Plus a lot of historical facts eg. about the younger dryas period. The video contains a mix-up of tech and history, so…Continue Reading “Young climate activist Greta Thunberg reminded of her biggest history oversight + camera comparison”