Please help me decide? What should it be?? Help me with this troublesome question. Comment on YouTube! —————————- Visit Us ————————- Please hook up to yourtechfriend via: Youtube Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Homepage: Patreon: (support with donations) Video shot with Huawei P30 and Samsung A80 Audio by the same phone….Continue Reading “Samsung A40 – UNBOXED by a Car OR do a GIVEAWAY?”

Hi my tech friends! If you like a box with something in it – THEN you MUST watch my newest Un-Boxing video with the Nokia 7 Plus! With push-ups! Video shot with Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact and Huawei P10 lite. Audio by the same phones. Great useful information in this video. Please do comment on…Continue Reading “Time to Unbox a NOKIA again? The NOKIA 7 PLUS – 2019 Unboxing”

The bubbly plastic I found on my models hinges could be relatively easy ripped off. The HP Spectre and the Lenovo XPS comparison that I talked about in the video (Both are very color accurate machines – perfect for graphic work) : Dave 2D’s review here: Lisa from MobileTechReview: —————————- Visit Us…Continue Reading “Unboxing and info about the Lenovo Legion Y530 (2018 version)”