Gamer stol Jysk │Gamer chair Vojens from Jysk

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Vojens Gamer stol

In Danish first: Hvis du er på udkig efter en god Gamer stol fra Jysk så er Vojens stolen et godt bud.

English: If you’re looking for a good durable gamer chair, then Vojens from Jysk is a valid contender at a cheap price.


Craftsmanship and execution: – Looks and feels solid. Not super high-end, nor super-cheap, and all the seams looked fine during the unboxing. Design innovation: – The armrests go up and down. This makes the chair very easy to slide under a table. Also, it has a rocking back. Usability: The bulge in the lower back, makes for a very firm, and good supportive seating position, for endless hours of gaming. Unboxing time: A little more than the complete Psychocandy album by The Jesus and mary chain 38:55. Great unboxing music btw, as you’d want something to quell the pain of manual labour.

Gamer stol jysk│Gamer- chair Vojens from Jysk

Video shot with Huawei P30. Audio also by Huawei P30 with almost no tweaking. Video edited in Premiere Pro.

Video edited in Premiere Pro. Graphics are done in Krita and Premiere Pro.

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Hope you enjoy – Your Tech Friend

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