Huawei P10 in 2020

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Huawei P10 in 2020

Info on the Huawei P10 in 2020: Will the Huawei P10 get Android 10 update? How the Huawei P10 dual sim works, How to fix the Huawei P10 Camera focus problem, Some good Huawei P10 covers, Huawei P10 specs. Get all the info in this video!

Links for Covers: Blue Ring Armor Cover:

Punk cover:

Brown leather cover: ,

Huawei P10 in 2020

Video shot with Asus Zenfone 6. Audio also by Zenfone 6 with almost no tweaking. Video edited in Premiere Pro.

Video edited in Premiere Pro. Graphics are done in Krita and Premiere Pro.

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Hope you enjoy – Your Tech Friend

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