HUAWEI P10 Vlogging

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Huawei P10 Vlogging

In this video, you can see a Huawei P10 vlog example. The Huawei P10 camera test will include various challenging surroundings. The Huawei P10 vlogging experience has its ups and downs: See for yourself in this video.

The best phone for Vlogging is a combination of solid 4K video and good sound/audio capability. In mid-2020 I’d give the Huawei P10 a 5,5 out of 10 for Vlogging. Video quality of the main camera in 4K is good in daylight with accurate colors and good dynamic range. The stabilisation is average on the main camera, and poor on the selfie cam. Both don’t raise any eyebrows in 2020.

The audio quality of the Huawei P10 is good, and good enough if you know how to do some post audio-editing. Fierce rivals are Huawei P30 and Asus Zenfone 6, iPhones and the newer Samsungs.

I can’t recommend this phone for Vlogging. Especially the selfie camera is a letdown when on the move. There are just too many good, and cheap, alternatives in 2020. They offer more cameras and more fun on the move. Hope you enjoy – Vloggers Delight.

How well is the Huawei P10 suited for vlogging? How is the audio on the Huawei P10? Get all the answers in this video by Your tech Friend. Huawei P10 Camera test

Huawei P10 Vlogging

Video shot with the Huawei P10 – Audio by the same phone.

Video edited in Premiere Pro. Graphics are done in Krita and Premiere Pro.

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Hope you enjoy – Your Tech Friend

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