iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro launch – Apple event 2019

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iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro launch

Words are in chronological order to the event:

Apple Launch event September 10th 2019, Cupertino, US.

Read the timecodes for fixpoints – these also include a few comments from Your Tech Friend (Full launch coverage)

19:00 CET We’re live from stage

Short intro.

Tim Cook Welcomes the audience to the Steve Jobs Theater.

-not as rowdy a welcome roar as in the old days of Steve Jobs.

“Wonderful tools to empower wonderful people”. He speaks about the iPhone.

– But read transcript below

Apple Arcade: Game Subscription 4.99$ a month for the whole family. 1 month freetrial subscription service on games.
Konami as Apple partner: Frogger game.
(Not so impressive!! 😮 :-D)
Capcom as Apple partner: Deepwater game
AnnaPurna as Apple partner: Sayanare

19:13 CET Apple TV Plus 4.99 $ a month – for the whole family.

Talks about new series on Apple TV Plus: “The morning show” with Jennifer Aniston and “See” with Momba

Package offer: Buy an iPad, Mac and iPhone and get 1 year subscription free.

19:20 CET. Ipad. with Josh. 329 $ for start-versions. 299$ for education.

60 % of users first iPad is the 9.7″.
Now the NEW GENERATION iPad 7, that comes with 10.2″ screen. With smart connecter.
iPad OS. Various features: Multitasking. Switch between multiple apps on multiple spaces. Floating keyboard. Crop and rotate your video. Swipe to capture a screenshot. Made of 100 % recyclable aluminum.

19:28 CET. Tim Cook: Apple Watch. 499$

User stories that thank Apple.
A lot about Health benefits from using the Apple Watch with an Ebony person.
Stan A. tells more about “The most popular Watch in the world”.
Apple watch series 5. with always on display. (Should be a given!)
Extremely power efficient. 18h battery life. Built in compass.
International Emergency Calling Service built in – works in over 150 countries in the world.
Different colors Red, White, Black and 100 % recyclable aluminum version. And with different Partners: Nike, Hermes.
Also Apple Watch studio experience – at 20:36.

19:47 CET: iPhone (at last!!! :-D)

Tim Cook talks about last years iPhone X with a 99 % costumer satisfaction.

NEW iPHONE: The iPHONE 11 at $699. 6 New colors: Black, White, Yellow, Green, Purple and Product red. Aluminum glas design.
6.1 retina display
Spacial audio and Dolby Atmos.
Camera 12MP Wide lens and a 12MP Ultra Wide lens. Tap to view Ultra wide. Semantic rendering.
Night mode: Comes on automatically. (Works like Huawei’s – AND BOTH OF THEM SUCK! By the looks of it. YTF comment :-D)

Asian Apple girl:
4K video at 60fps. Slow-mo and Stabilization. Time lapse. HIGHEST VIDEO QUALITY IN A SMARTPHONE. (This may in fact be the case!! YTR Comment.)
4K video on front camera and slo-mo. Selfie videos: “Slofies”. 😀

A13 Bionic Faster than a Samsung Galaxy S10+. With also the fastest GPU – great for mobile gaming.

20:00 CET. Yang Yang from Giant Network

-talks about Pascals Wager – a game for the iPHONE 11.

Battery life in iPhone 11: An hour more than Iphone XR.
Water and dust resistant. 2m depth 30 min.
Touch ID.
Fastest chip in smartphone
Liquid Retina display.

And all in one video finale with all features as an outro
IPHONE 11 price $699

20:09 CET. Iphone 11 pro.

Comes in 4 colors: Midnight grey, Space grey, Silver, New Gold
Two versions 5.8″ and 6.5″.
1200 nits 😮 Super Retina XDR Display.
Water and dust resistant. 2m depth 30 min.
Touch ID.
Fastes chip in smartphone
Liquid Retina display.

IPHONE 11 Pro price $999 for the 5.8″ and $1099 for the 6.5″.

Phillip talks about it.
First “pro” phone from Apple.

Shreen Silfano talks about A13 bionic chip: 1 trillion operations a secund (Like YTR’s brain). It can compute a lot of things!

Battery life of the iPhone Pro is 4 hours longer than that of the iPhone XS.

Cameras on the iphone 11:
Wide Camera 12MP
TelePhoto 12MP
Ultra wide: 12MP

Showcase video made by pro photographers at 20:19.

Deep Fusion technology produces brilliant pictures it seems. 😮 Wow.

20:24 CET. Iphone 11 Pro does 4K video at 60fps

– watch the clip made by the iPhone 11 Pro.

The 3 cameras work together to make tone and depths in the picture perfect. (seems to work brilliantly! YTR comment)

20:28 CET. Another video example by pro filmmaker.

Made in Filmic Pro a video editing software in IOS Available in the AppStore.

And all in one video finale with all features of the iPhone Pro as an outro

20:34 CET. Cases and prizes.

20:36 CET. Apple Watch studio experience and new Apple Store on Broadway N.Y.

20:39 CET. Tim Cook rounds it up!
20:42 CET. The End.

Your tech Friend summary:

Seems promising – especially the cameras!! If they really work together as promised!! That is something we’ve been longing for! PLEASE BE BRILLIANT!! We’ll be testing sometime in the Future.

– Your tech friend will investigate how the phone fares in ordinary use! Review coming up within a given time period. Then our team will test it, and give you our thoughts on how it fares in ordinary use?
As user oriented tech reviews is our thing!

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