NOKIA 7 Plus 2019 Review – Nokia showing Phoenix skills + GIVEAWAY!

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NOKIA 7 Plus 2019 Review - Nokia showing Phoenix skills + GIVEAWAY

In this video you’ll see a complete useability focused review made in 2019 of the NOKIA 7 Plus. The phone will be given a Your Tech Friend score. Are Nokia showing Phoenix skills in 2019? Is Nokia back and to be reconned with on the smartphone scene?

This video includes a giveaway! 🙂

NOKIA 7 Plus 2019 Review – Nokia showing Phoenix skills + GIVEAWAY!


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Video shot with Huawei P30 under various poor lighting conditions. Audio by the same phone.
Video edited in Premiere Pro.
Graphics done in Krita (Free Photoshop-like program, but slightly less annoying).

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