Samsung Galaxy A80 Video test with Audio – Vloggers Delight

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Samsung Galaxy A80 Video test with Audio - Vloggers Delight

The best phone for Vlogging is a combination of solid 4K video and good sound/audio capability.

In the start of 2020 I’d give the Samsung Galaxy A80 a 8 out of 10 for Vlogging. Video quality of the main camera in 4K is excellent with rich colors and good dynamic range. Samsung always delivers some of the best quality of cameras on it’s top range phones, being good at contrast compensating and also as one of the most color accurate. Unfortunately stabilisation in 4K “selfie-mode” is not available, which is a clear fail! WHY Samsung??

Audio quality of the Samsung Galaxy A80 is some of the best you can get, and definitely good enough if you know how to do some post audio-editing. Then you can make it sound almost PRO! But audio just maybe a tad better on the Huawei P30 and Asus Zenfone 6 out of the box.

Honestly I can’t recommend this phone for Vlogging, cause it’s just too heavy, clumpsy and un-stabilized. If you’r ONLY USE is recording steadyshots where the phone is mounted on a tripod, then go ahead. Then of course you have the advantage of seeing what you are recording at the same time in 4K. For all other activities you’d be better of with the For instance Samsung S9 or S10 as they both have stabilization in 4K video.

Hope you enjoy – Vloggers Delight.

How well is the Samsung Galaxy A80 suited for vlogging? How is the audio on the Samsung Galaxy A80? Get all the answers in this video by Your tech Friend.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Video test with Audio – Vloggers Delight

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Video shot with the Samsung Galaxy A80 – Audio by the same phone. Video edited in Premiere Pro. Graphics done in Krita (Free Photoshop-like program, but slightly less annoying), and Premiere Pro. #vlogging #SamsungA80 #videotest

Artist on the wall: Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjerg

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