The best phone for Vlogging is a combination of solid 4K video and good sound/audio capability. In the start of 2020 I’d give the Huawei P30 a 7 out of 10 for Vlogging. Video quality of the main camera in 4K is good. But you’r better of with a Sammy for a more color accuracy….Continue Reading “Huawei P30 Video and Audio Quality plus Stabilization and Telephoto – Vloggers Delight”

Greta Thunbergs biggest history oversight + camera comparison of the Samsung S9, Huawei P30 and Nokia 7 plus. (All on their highest video settings) The video also contains various murals of Greta Thunberg. Plus a lot of historical facts eg. about the younger dryas period. The video contains a mix-up of tech and history, so…Continue Reading “Young climate activist Greta Thunberg reminded of her biggest history oversight + camera comparison”