In this video you’ll see a complete useability focused review made in 2019 of the NOKIA 7 Plus. The phone will be given a Your Tech Friend score. Are Nokia showing Phoenix skills in 2019? Is Nokia back and to be reconned with on the smartphone scene? This video includes a giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚ GIVEAWAY RULES:…Continue Reading “NOKIA 7 Plus 2019 Review – Nokia showing Phoenix skills + GIVEAWAY!”

New video on the Samsung Note 9 – Who is it really aimed for? And what’s to note? Amazon: Buy Samsung S9 via– Or any other stuff while you’r on Amazon through this linkโ€ฆ. Then I get percentages ๐Ÿ™‚ Best prizes found on the Samsung Galaxy note 9 on Amazon when the video was…Continue Reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – for businessmen, artists or both?”

Watch the video to find out if I’m handing it back… – Model version: Intel I5 8300h (8’th generation) GTX 1060 with 6 GB 8 GB ram 144 Hz display with IPS 128 SSD hardisk 1 TB HDD. For questions about Teardowns, undervolting, thermal issues and thermal paste visit Bob of all trades… Eg watch…Continue Reading “Lenovo Legion Y530 REVIEW (2018 version) – will I be returning it?”

The bubbly plastic I found on my models hinges could be relatively easy ripped off. The HP Spectre and the Lenovo XPS comparison that I talked about in the video (Both are very color accurate machines – perfect for graphic work) : Dave 2D’s review here: Lisa from MobileTechReview: —————————- Visit Us…Continue Reading “Unboxing and info about the Lenovo Legion Y530 (2018 version)”