The Samsung Galaxy launch! S10, S10 plus, S10e and Galaxy Fold launches

SAMSUNG LAUNCH EVENT from San Francisco 2019
In chronological order…

10 years ago Samsung introduced the Galaxy series to the world! Now a game changer ….

4.6″ folded. 7.3″ unfolded!! Multiscreen experience. Colors: Black, cosmic silver, marsian blue, yellow. Sound by AKG. Rich audio.
Galaxy users have access to Youtube premium!!
12 GB ram!!
512 gb of built-in memory. And twice as fast transferspeed as before.
6 Cameras !!
Unified device.
Great for displaying google maps !! You just open the phone and then you have the big screen. They call it App-continuity.
3 apps multitasking – and you can move the screen locations around.

Just over $ 2000 !! : -O The crowd in the hall for the event gasped when they heard the prize !!

SAMSUNG LAUNCH EVENT from San Francisco 2019 – the Galaxy Fold


Cameras in the screen itself on the top-right. Worlds first Infinity O on Amoled! Most color accurate on mobile display. And 42% less blue light! Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display itself – works no matter what – even in dark light or with wet a finger.

Colors: Black, White, Blue and Ceramic.

3 linses
Pro grade camera 12 mp normal shooter 12 mp telephoto lens. 16 mp Ultra wide panoramic camera. Use effects on images BEFORE / while taking them.
Video quality: HDR10 + (Whatever it is)
Super steady camera.
Easy video editing with Adobe Premier Rush.

Dual selfie cam 12mp and 10 mp UHD video ability.

Pro grade camera.
12 gb ram
1 TB storage options!
512 GB SDCARD storage.
Over 25% faster CPU and GPU than the S9.
Learns your behavior so you save on battery life.
You can charge your earbuds ON the phone itself via wireless fast charging.
WIFI speed: WI-FI 6. 4 imes faster in crowded places.

Samsung has teamed up with Instagram: S10 now has INSTAGRAM MODE 😮
Snapchat, Snow and Line collaborations also.

SAMSUNG LAUNCH EVENT from San Francisco 2019  – The S10e colors


5 models:
S10 5.8″
S10+ 6.1″
S10E 5.8″ The cheap one
S10 FOLD The insane one! But we love it!
S10 5G 6.7″
About the last one – the S10 5G, Samsung said: Interact with the world around you – in real time! Your tech friend says – you mean – just as in the real world!?? 😀 Samsung re-invents real world rules all over! 😮

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