Hi, I’m YOUR tech friend – who loves mobile phones. And since my primary pursuit is to find the best phone for vlogging, my current activities are mostly centered around that. What else: I’m currently studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Lyngby, Denmark. Please contact me at: “myrealname”@yourtechfriend.net

– that every Youtube Reviewer forgets to mention! You may have a lot of considerations before buying a new smarthphone, but many forget to find out the most important one for themselves. This video explains what you absolutely should make sure of before buying a new smarthphone! What should I consider before buying a new…Continue Reading “The single most important thing you should make sure of before buying a new smartphone”

In this video I highlight one of the MOST IDIOTIC naming decisions and a workflow ERROR in Adobe’s – Premiere Pro. PLEASE – do share some of your experiences of the Adobe suite programs in the comments section on YouTube, and I’ll compile some more videos on Adobe FRUSTRATIONS! (of which there are MANY!!) Visit…Continue Reading “Adobe frustration – Premiere Pro – part 1”

Do you have a single lens mobile in 2019? Here is a simple and cheap way to upgrade to more camera lenses! And it actually works surprisingly well. The testet lens kit works for all Android phones and iPhone. Please visit Amazon for link: https://amzn.to/30h6rmT Various other lenses for smartphone here: https://amzn.to/2NvJZT4 Video shot with…Continue Reading “4 in 1 lens kit for smartphones – Still relevant in 2019?”


Just happy and celebrating! 🙂 Your tech Friend’s Youtube channel has passed 90.000 views. Subscribe to the Youtube channel here. Please help me GET TO A 100 SUBSCIBERS by SUBSCRIBING, so I can get a unique URL from Youtube (you know – all the rules…) 35 SUBS as of the start of the channel 1….Continue Reading “More than 90.000 channel views! Thank you very much ❤️🙏”

Watch the video to find out if I’m handing it back… – Model version: Intel I5 8300h (8’th generation) GTX 1060 with 6 GB 8 GB ram 144 Hz display with IPS 128 SSD hardisk 1 TB HDD. For questions about Teardowns, undervolting, thermal issues and thermal paste visit Bob of all trades… Eg watch…Continue Reading “Lenovo Legion Y530 REVIEW (2018 version) – will I be returning it?”