Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung S20, and S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra – launch event 2020

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Samsung S20 - and S20 Plus - and S20 Ultra - Launch event 2020

Samsung Unpacked Launch event. February 11th 2020, San Francisco, US.

Read the timestamps for fixpoints – also include a few comments from Your Tech Friend. Full launch coverage.

20:00 We’re live
Galaxy Z flip Clamshell commercial.

Rebecca Hirst – Head of Samsung UK

Comes in 3 colors: Mirror Purple, Mirror black and mirror Gold
Endures 200000 bends
Comes with free Youtube Premium

It splits the screen automatically in “laptop mode”. Flex mode. Now you don’t need a tripod for beautiful pictures.

20.09 A commercial for the Flip Z

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be Available Feb. 12 for a price of $1380 😮 😮

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Brilliant!!

Watch the full stream here, and/or please read my comments below YTR 🙂

NOTE THAT THIS TRANSMISSION STARTS half an hour in, so add 30 mins to my timestamps.

20.11 Thom Browne. Says nothing… ?

Thom Browne
Thom Browne

Commercial shenanigans

Head of dick – A man called TM Roh comes on, rambling forever – saying nothing.

TM Roh - Head of Samsung Mobile communications business
TM Roh – Head of Samsung Mobile communications business
Drew Blackhard of Samsung
Drew Blackhard of Samsung

20.22 Finally – The S20

20.24 Drew Blackhard is on after the Head of dick.
He talks a lot about the Camera of the S20 series.
Has superb AI
Shoots in 8K 😮
A short presentation of clips, showing the quality of the camera

All phones come with 5G

20:34 Galaxy S20 Ultra
108MP Camera
AI Camera
Advanced Zoom option 100 times
20.36 Telephoto examples
Go from Ultrawide to 100 times Zoom.

This entire presentation feels like a downer after the Galaxy Z flip presentation. Why do we wanna hear about old-school phones?? Your Tech Friend

The Show is filmed with S20’s pretty cool :-))

20.40 Some skiing dude. Jimmy.

skiing dude. Jimmy

Netflix collaborations with Jackie Lee-Cameltoe. She says basically nothing.

Jackie Lee-Cameltoe from Netflix

20.24 David S. Park. US Channel marketing.
Talks about collaboration with Google
He generally flatlines… So boring.

Gameplay 120 Hz in games
Processor LPDDR5.
16 GB ram
Amoled display

Samsung also collaborates with Microsoft and XBOX for great gaming experiences.

Galaxy Buds plus. Partnership with Spotify. 11 hours after a charge. 149$. Looks very promising. Watch the video below.

David S. Park of Samsung

On March 6 you can buy the S20 for $999. The S20 Plus for $1199 and the S20 Ultra for $1399

Dickhead’s on again to close the show. Hiroshi Lockheimer from Google.
He is enlightening but semiboring talk.

Generally I feel the presentation is a fail. You can’t start with a super smart innovative product as the Flip Z, and then follow it up with a traditional launch. And Mr. Dickhead was most annoying. Your Tech Friend

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